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We felt that one of the best ways to communicate to you how welcoming the atmosphere is in our homes, was to ask our residents, their families and our staff for their comments. So that is what we did.

Here is what they had to say!

Residents Testimonials

“I like the building. It is warm and clean. I have everything I need here…food, love, clean environment and laundry. I am happy with the staff as they keep us very clean. They offer anything we need, any time we ask. I am very happy. I like the exercises that the Activities Officer does, as well as his jokes and warm welcome.”

Eleni Michaelides, Resident

“I am very happy here. We have a nice time. Whatever I need, they offer it to me, such as the food, entertainment and hygiene. I don’t lack anything. The food is very good. If there is something I don’t like, they give me something else. I am very pleased with the staff. They offer me care and love. They look after me. When I have attack of involuntary movements because of my illness, they come straight away to help me calm down. Anything I need, they offer me in the home. I am very happy with the activities. If I don’t wish to play any of the games, I am helped to go for a walk or I go into the garden or I watch Greek television. I am given a Greek coffee when I ask. The Activities Officer makes me laugh.”

Anna Theocharous, Resident

“I get the care and medicine I need. The place is clean. I am very happy with the staff. Anything I ask, they help me. I prefer not to do any activities or exercising. However, I do walk around in the corridors before I come down to the lounge. I like a hot cup tea and love, and I get this.”

Christothea Koudra, Resident

“I enjoy the entertainment with the other residents and the activities are enjoyable. I am happy with the staff.”

Gladys Anscomb, Resident

“I am happy as I have my friends (the staff) helping me with anything I need or ask.”

Efterfi Karakoula, Resident

“It’s a beautiful place. I enjoy sitting in the garden. It reminds me of my village.”

Despina Adamou, Resident

“I like the staff and the things they do for us throughout the day.”

Androulla Angelide, Resident

“It’s lovely. I really like this place. I am grateful for this privilege. I have anything I need whenever I want it, all I have to do is ask.”

Doris Jackson, Resident

“I’m happy with the staff. They are always by my side in my time of need.”

Maroula Charalambous, Resident

“I like it here. It’s nice and quiet. The food is good. My family can visit me anytime they want.”

Kathleen O’Dea, Resident


Relatives Testimonials

“The building is always kept very clean inside as well as outside. It is adapted to suit the needs of the residents. The place is spacious and comfortable to live. The staff are excellent and well trained to meet the needs of the residents. They are very polite and approachable. The residents are cared for very well. The staff try to keep the residents happy and well fed. They show consideration for the residents as well as for the relatives and visitors.”

Takis Haralambous (Husband of a resident)

“The Carers are wonderful.”

Maria Kyriacou (Daughter of a resident)

"The main thing I am pleased about is the way the staff are helpful and their cheerful attitude."

Michael Koudra (Son of a resident)

"Mum settled in very well. Her physical needs are being met. We are completely satisfied with the care being provided. Planning of her discharge and admission to Autumn Gardens was excellent and the provision of the profiling bed helped mum a lot. "

Demi Demetriou (Daughter of a resident)

“Autumn Gardens has been such a gift for us! My father is happy and we are very grateful to the Management and Staff for the care, love and attention he receives.”

Darinka Kotzias (Daughter of a resident)

“I am very happy with the excellent care Mum has received during the 6 months she has been at Anastasia Lodge. She had a very difficult year before moving to Anastasia Lodge but I am now confident that she is in a safe, friendly and secure environment and that all her needs are being catered for. Anastasia Lodge has a very relaxed and homely feel. The management and staff are both well trained and helpful. Any concerns or questions raised are quickly addressed in a professional and friendly manner. Mum has made many friends in the six months she has been a resident at Anastasia Lodge, with staff and many of the other residents. My Mum’s views and choices are always respected. She has settled well and now feels both grateful and happy. The food and activities offered are excellent. All of Mum’s cultural needs are being met and the home is always clean and smells pleasant. I could not recommend this home more enthusiastically.”

S Angelides (Daughter of a resident)

“Since Mum has been at Anastasia Lodge, I have seen a massive change in her well-being and care. Mum suffers with dementia and needs 24 hour care. All the staff at Anastasia Lodge take great care in looking after Mum. Every time I visit I am welcomed with so much warmth and hospitality. When I visit mum the staff make me feel very welcome and always offer me food and drink on arrival. From cook to care assistants to the cleaning lady and the ironing lady they are all very pleasant and welcoming no matter what job they do. It's like one big happy family. If there is ever a problem the manager and her assistant are always ready to listen. I have been to the care home on a few occasions with a few questions that needed addressing and straight away it was dealt with. I find that Anastasia lodge is run very well . Every time I go there I always check to see if Mum’s room is clean. Being a catering manager, I have very high expectations on hygiene. As you can see, Anastasia Lodge has 5 stars. The Activities Officer, Peter, is wonderful with all the residents in the home. He takes a lot of stick from my Mum as she is always very direct but he handles himself very well with the answers that he gives to the residents at Anastasisa Lodge.”

Maria Nicolaou (Daughter of a resident)

“My dad is very happy at Anastasia Lodge and I am also very happy with the friendliness and care that the staff and management give to my dad. Anastasia Lodge is the best and right place for my Dad.”

Andy Georgiou (Son of a resident)


Staff Testimonials

“I have been a chef at Anastasia Lodge for 20 years. I have stayed here this long as I really enjoy my work in the home, working within such a kind and considerate team and being surrounded by our lovely residents. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to care for my mother, so I feel privileged to be able to cook and care for all the residents in Anastasia Lodge.”

Androulla Kavalierou, Chef

"I like that management is always there to listen and help us 24/7. We can openly voice our concerns and the management always listens to us."

Markella Malanezou, Senior Care Assistant

"I love my job. It gives me satisfaction. I like the teamwork at Autumn Gardens. The team here always support each other. The training is excellent and the management is very helpful."

Corne Gregory, Senior Care Assistant

"I am passionate about the elderly and it is a pleasure to look after them as if they were my own family."

Viorica Iuga, Senior Care Assistant

"I like working with the elderly. I like the environment at Autumn Gardens and the residents always enjoy a good meal. I like to work with my colleagues who are always very helpful."

Cornelica Petrea, Care Assistant

"I have no relatives in this country and working at Autumn Gardens makes me feel like I have grandmothers and grandfathers always with me. Autumn Gardens is like one big family for me."

Nurihan Aziz, Care Assistant

“I have been working at Anastasia Lodge for 11 years now. When I started, I did not have any experience working with the elderly. I was given lots of training to give me all the knowledge required. Our training needs are always maintained so that we are able to give the best quality care to our residents. I always give the best care to our residents with respect and dignity. I ensure that I give them the love they need from us. I am very happy to have this job in Anastasia Lodge. It gives me fulfilment and this is like my second home. Our team and management are always supportive.”

Fanoulla Charalambous, Care Assistant

“I have been working at Anastasia Lodge for 7 years and it has been a great opportunity in my life. I always look forward to going to work with the staff and management, who are really nice. We have good team work and the management are always supportive. Working with the residents in Anastasia Lodge is one way of serving God. I give our residents the affections and love they need and always respect and maintain their dignity. We always make everyone welcome when they come to visit us. We do not only care for our residents but make the families always feel at home too.”

Melpomeni Yiangou, Joint Care Assistant and Chef

“I have worked in Anastasia Lodge for fifteen years and it has been a pleasure. The fact that I have been here for so long is proof of how I have loved every minute of it. The Ourris family have bestowed such kindness upon me. My greatest pleasure has been in looking after all our residents who needed care and help through the years I have been there. I am proud of working at the home and I have done my best throughout the years to bring comfort to all those who needed me.”

Fanoula Solomi, Care Assistant

“I have been given a lot of opportunities to attend training and gain experience to help me do my job well. I really like to help and volunteer my support, which is one of the reasons why I love my work. I really enjoy sports, so encourage the residents to do their exercises to improve their mobility. As the Activities Officer, I try to create a group spirit and encourage everyone to join in the activities according to their interests. I try to have a calm and harmonious atmosphere in the lounge.”

Stefanos Malanezos, Activities Officer and Care Assistant

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